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Permanent bag sealing tape with glassine paper liner
Permanent bag sealing tape with glassine paper liner
Permanent bag sealing tape with glassine paper liner
Permanent bag sealing tape with glassine paper liner
Permanent bag sealing tape with glassine paper liner
Permanent bag sealing tape with glassine paper liner

Permanent bag sealing tape with glassine paper liner

Item NamePermanent Bag Sealing Tape
Film MaterialPEPA/Glassine Paper /Aluminum/PET
Film Colorwhite/silver/red/blue, OEM color
Glue SideCenter, Left, Right
Hot-melt Glue Thickness(mic)110-130
Oil Glue Thickness(mic)23-26
Length (per roll)500M or 750M (Pancake roll)
2000M-5000M (Spool)
Package (per carton)(contact us for pallet package)10RS (Pancake roll)
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Permanent bag sealing tape is used for sealing PE,PP and paper bags, such as courier bag/express bag/mailing bag/money bag/on-line shopping bag /envelope/bubble bag...

Permanent bag sealing tape is made up of 4 parts

● Release film (PEPA/Glassine Paper /Aluminum/PET)

● Hot melt glue (A side)

● Oil acrylic glue (B side)

● PET carrier

Once the bags are closed, they will be broken if opened again.

What`s more, the finger lift is helpful to remove film easily.

Description-paper permanent bag sealing tape

Description2-paper liner permanent bag sealing tape

Description3-factory for permanent bag sealing tape

Description4-permanent bag sealing tape with glassine paper

Product Selection

● Pancake roll : 3” paper core ,500 M*10 rolls/carton

● Spool /Bobbin: 6” paper core ,5000 M* 1 roll/carton

Re color

● White is the common one.

● Silver,red,blue,transparent and other colors could also be ordered.

Welcome to contact us for any special request.

Competitive Advantage

● 7-24 full time fast response

● 19 years` manufacturer experience

● 3-7 days quick delivery for 1 pallet common items

● Over 65 countries and areas export experience

● One-stop service is our target

Glassine Paper Permanent bag sealing tape
ITEMFilm MaterialFilm Width/MMA side/MMB side/MMLength Per Roll/MPackage Roll/CTNGlue Side
BP-G10P5W-CGlassine paper935500M/R10RS/CTNcenter
BP-G12P5W-CGlassine paper1159500M/R10RS/CTNcenter
BP-G15P5W-CGlassine paper15811500M/R10RS/CTNcenter
BP-G18P5W-CGlassine paper181013500M/R10RS/CTNcenter
BP-G36P5W-CGlassine paper362027500M/R5RS/CTNcenter

● Permanent bag sealing tape is used for sealing PE, PP and paper bags ,such as courier bag, express bag, mailing bag, money bag,on-line shopping bag, envelope,bubble bag, heavy-duty bag, cooler bag and so on.

● From bank, government to logistic, medical, our permanent bag sealing tape is helpful in its strong glue and no-remove adhesive.

permanent bag sealing tape used for sealing courier bag-foil bags

application of permanent bag sealing tape for courier bags

Regarding Storage Suggestions

Storage conditions for packaging tape


2. pic-2The product should be handled lightly during transport to prevent pressing and must not be mixed with volatile solvents. pic-3

3. pic-4

4. pic-5

5. EXP: 12 months since the date of production
              36 months at least after applied to plastic bags

The usage of packaging tape precautions:

● Different sizes are suitable to different range of thickness bags from 20mic to 80mic.

● Bags are better to do corona treatment, if printed, need to be processed after printing

● The material of the bag, such as the additive, should control the use of such materials as the opening agent, so as not to affect the viscosity.

● Varies of glue for different situation: Kindly suggest us your usage to suggest you a suitable one. What`s more, here is also cold resist one that works well under 0℃.

Quick Detail

● Permanent bag sealing tape

● Bag sealing tape

● Permanent sealing tape

● Security tape

● Finger lift bag sealing tape

● Adhesive tape

● Permanent adhesive tape

● Cinta adhesive

● Double sided adhesive tape

● Double sided bag sealing tape

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